Style Choose the Right Dress for Your Body Type

Dressing has always been a challenge for many people. We all have different body types and sometimes it is hard to find the dress that is most suitable for us. We all want to look flattering in a dress. There are different styles of dresses that work for different body types and this is something that all of us should accept and embrace so as to be able to dress better.When you want to dress in a way that makes you feel that you are at your best is about being positive. Women are sensitive and there are those who wish that they could be able to change some aspects of their bodies. However, when you choose a dress that flatters your figure, you will be able to celebrate who you are. Stop the perfect body mentality and work with the features that you already have.

Myths about our bodiesThere is something that we should all appreciate and that is there isn’t a perfect size and there is no perfect body. There are those of us who totally love their bodies while others totally hate it. This comes about as a result of the challenge that we face when we are looking for something that actually fits us. There is also something that totally misleads us when we keep on comparing ourselves to others. So as to be able to overcome this, you need to accept your body and love it. The second step is to learn how that body should be dressed so as to balance it all out and make it perfect.There are some simple tips that can actually help you to embrace the physical imperfections that actually make you the unique person that you are.Full thighs and hipsIf you are pear shaped having full thighs and hips, don’t wear a dress that is shorter than two inches above your knee. A dress that has A-lime skirt is a perfect choice but it shouldn’t be too full. You are a pear if you have different sizes at the bottom and the top. So as to add some width to the top, use some bright colors and horizontal stripes and keep the lower half dark. Two pieces fit this type of body better than the one piece option.Full waist

If you are an apple shape, having a thick middle, you should try elongating your torso appearance so as to draw all the attention from the waist area. So as to redefine the waist line, select a dress that has an empire top or even a drop waist. A sash belt or a chin low on the hips is better than thick belts.Emphasize the shoulders by creating a width illusion. This will actually make all other things below to get a narrow appearance. Wearing a structured jacket so as to accentuate the shoulders or a dress covering the shoulders is a good idea. A bit of puffiness in this area balances the hip: shoulder ratio. To minimize the fuller arms, cap sleeve kind of dresses and the sleeveless ones should be avoided.